Sasabune | Beverly Hills

I was treated an incredible lunch at Sasabune in Beverly Hills. I’ve never been to the other locations, however, this one is located in a random strip mall. The interior is simple yet modern. There are a number of seats at the bar and tables as well. Be sure to make a reservation.

Omakase starts at $65+ and up. | Yellow tail sashimi, seaweed salad , 10 pcs nigiri, oysters 3 ways, hand roll, miso, dessert |

Weekday specials:

Omakase Lunch set is $35. | Albacore sashimi salad, 7 pcs nigiri,  hand roll, miso, dessert. Definitely a bang for the buck. |

Chirashi bowl $25 | Assorted sashimi, warm rice, miso, hand roll, dessert |

I would splurge when coming here and get the Omakase. You get to taste a variety of fish including shellfish. You won’t regret it.

My favorites were toro, uni, yellowtail, and the toro hand roll.The fish was so fresh and probably the best I’ve had. Each piece was well prepared and some were simple but was so flavorful. I love that they explained each dish and how to eat it.

I really enjoyed the lychee sorbet with fresh pineapple dessert. It was a perfect ending.

Service was outstanding.sasa1 sasa2 sasa3 sasa4 sasa5 sasa6

E3 after party sponsored by: b spot games 

I got to attend an E3 after party sponsored by b spot games. The event was taken place at the AT&T Building in DTLA. We got to mix and mingle over delicious cocktails and tasty light bites. It was so much fun networking and chatting with some amazing gamers and developers. The best part was enjoying all this with incredible skyscraper views of downtown.

    Tasty old fashioned

    View from the penthouse on the 30th floor.